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So... what the heck is a Webring anyway?
Well, it's a great way to surf through some of the neatest Oasis pages on the net - ones that you probably wouldn't find through a regular search for "oasis" in a search engine.

How does it work?
Through navigation links found most often at the bottom of other great Oasis pages in the ring, your fellow MAD FOR OASIS fans can travel all or any of the sites in the ring. They can move through a ring in either direction, going to the next or previous site, or listing the next five sites in the ring. They can jump to a random site in the ring, or survey all the sites that make up the ring.

Mad for it! If I have my own Oasis site, how can I get involved?
Well, first of all, make sure you fit these requirements:

  • It's about Oasis, of course. And ONLY about Oasis. I will not add any general music or other sites.
  • You have a basic knowledge of how to cut and paste HTML - trust me, it should be easy enough for 95% of you.
  • Your site reflects the fact that you are a real Oasis fan. It might not be flashy and technically stunning, but it has heart. Just click on the "Add A Site" logo below to submit YOUR site!

*Note: Anti-Oasis sites will be added only when hell freezes over or Bonehead grows a full head of hair, whatever comes first...

I'm here because I want to edit what I already sent in before or I need the HTML to put on my page, what do I do now?
Just click on the "Edit Site" or "Get HTML" logos to do whatever choose, if it's wrong or right it's alright... :)

I just want to surf some great Oasis sites right now. How do I BE THERE NOW?
Try out the webring right here, right now!

This page is a member of theBe Here Now Oasis Ring!

This is top. Are there any other Oasis rings out there I can visit?
You betcha... I'm a member of quite a few of them, click here to check more of them out!

This webring is brought to you by the maker of The Meg Matthews Oasis Page!

The Be Here Now Oasis Ring made possible by the Webring.