All games are Lori-Jo Sherwin! Although I used freeware java applets for these games, I worked very hard to customize these games to be full on MAD FOR IT! Please do not link to this page without my permission.

If your computer is Java capable, you can check out these great exclusive Oasis games I made. I'm not quite sure what enables your computer to handle Java (someone email me if you know), but if you're not sure you can at least try to load them up! Be patient... they're really cool and worth waiting for! (If you have a fast connection it should take only about 10 or 15 seconds to load them.) If there's a game you'd like to see up here, email me and let me know - I'll try to get it up here for you.

Meg's Digital Oasis Postcards
Not really a game, but you will absolutely LOVE this. My own original Oasis postcards you can send to your mates... you can even add Oasis songs! Trust me, you'll never see a better Oasis Digital Postcard anywhere!
Meg's Oasis Crossword Puzzle
Like my quiz, this puzzle is not for the weak of heart or fandom. Even if you're not an Oasis expert, check it out - you might learn something new!
Kiss Noel!
Wouldn't you just LOVE to give The Chief a big kiss? Well, now you can! Meg won't even be watching, I promise!
Kiss Liam!
I knew if I had Noel up here, I'd be buried with requests for a Kiss Liam. So, here he is in all his glory!
Kiss The Gallaghers!
This one is for those of you who can't decide which one of the lads you want to kiss. You can kiss them both right here!
Kiss Alan!
I was originally just going to have Kiss Noel up here, but all the boys deserve a kiss. You can Kiss Alan too!
Kiss Guigsy!
Poor Guigs! If anyone in the band needs a kiss, it's him. Show him how much you love him and give him a kiss!
Kiss Bonehead!
Deep down inside, you know he's sexy. So go and kiss that bald hunk RIGHT NOW! (Just kiss his guitar if you can't bear it...) *Be sure to listen for the midi too!*
Kiss Oasis!
Heck... why don't you just go and kiss EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!
Kiss Noel's Guitar!
I couldn't leave out the lads... Maybe you want to show your respect by kissing Noel's Epiphone Supernova! I know there will be some birds mad for this one too.
Make Your Own Oasis Story
Imagine... you're loose in London with a bunch of your mates, hoping that somehow you'll run into the lads! Will you? Check out this interactive story and find out!
Oasis Compatibility Test
Your convinced that Liam Gallagher is your soulmate and aspire to be just like him. Or, you think Bonehead and Kate have lasted too long, and it's your turn to marry that bald hunk! Could it happen? Take this test and see!

fans are really mad for it!